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Final Exam Schedule - Spring 2017
Spring 2017 Final Exams Schedule for PROSPECTIVE GRADUATES (.pdf, 115K)
Spring 2017 Final Exams Schedule (.pdf, 137K)
eRacer video tutorials for students

In this folder you can find short video tutorials on eRacer

Posting to a forum (.mp4, 4491K)
Taking an exam (.mp4, 3818K)
uploading an assignment (.mp4, 3091K)
eRacer video tutorials for faculty

In this folder you can find short video tutorials on eRacer

creating and grading an assignment (.mp4, 13450K)
How to create a forum (.mp4, 16731K)
Main page - About this page (.mp4, 5262K)
Main page - Calendar (.mp4, 7095K)
Main page: Adding bookmarks (.mp4, 3997K)
Gradebook (.mp4, 18500K)

Please make sure you watch Creating and Grading an Assignment before watching this clip.

Main page - Adding a handout (.mp4, 8411K)
Gradebook - attendance and lettergrade configuration (.mp4, 8629K)
Taking and reporting attendance (.mp4, 13944K)
Student Documents
Current Student Guide (.pdf, 138K)
Faculty Documents
Faculty Guide (.pdf, 199K)
Advisor Guide (.pdf, 506K)
Grade Entry Guide (.pdf, 290K)
Faculty-Guide-eRacer1.6 (.pdf, 9121K)
eRacer job aid (.docx, 271K)
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